September 27th 2016 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

About the event


Data Foum main

Effective use of data by public bodies has the power to revolutionise how public services are designed and delivered. Set against a backdrop of the shift towards integrating health and social care, increased multi-agency/sector working and putting the citizen at the centre of service design, the role of data has never been more pivotal.

The Connect Data Forum 2016 will bring together the leading experts, practitioners and thought leaders from across Scotland and beyond to explore:

  • Data linkage
  • Harnessing Big Data - practical applications for the public sector
  • Safe and secure integration of data across multiple agencies
  • The legal context – privacy & regulation

Why You Should Attend:

  • Explore Scotland’s public sector data analytics potential
  • Discuss how data science can impact on your organisation
  • Meet industry experts from public and private sectors
  • Participative sessions and key learning points