September 27th 2016 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Testimonials from similar events

Testimonials from recent Holyrood Connect events:

SWAN 2016

An informative conference with speakers who knew their subject, and provided the information that I needed for my organisation.

   -   James McKillop, CalMAc Ferries

Well presented event, particularly as there were real life experiences - good and bad - discussed. Would like to hear more of these.

   -   Duncan Scott, Senior IT Officer, East Lothian Council

Cyber Security 2016

The day had a great selection of relevant speakers, well worth attending.

   -   Chris Turnbull, Principal IT Officer, East Lothian Council

Socitm 2015

A great SCOTIM Conference, i was able to network and reflect with peers and colleagues across differing organisations. It was insightful to learn about Soctland's progress from a national point of view and also at a local level. A fantastic event, organised professionally from start to finish.

   -   Manira Ahmad, Head of Local Intelligence, NHS NSS

Once again the conference not only brought together a great set of topics but also an opportunity to discuss these with peers.

   -   Graeme Mcilorum, Senior Manager - Business & Technology Solutions, Dumfries & Galloway Council

Connect 2015

An excellent event I can recommend to anyone interested in digital and ICT development in the public sector in Scotland

   -   Jos Creese, Independent consultant and BCS President, BCS and CreeseConsulting

Very impressed with Holyrood's 2015 ICT Connect conference - and not just because I walked away with two awards! The event was very well organised with the right balance of speakers and masterclasses - with ICT developments moving so fast this is a great event to help stay on top of all that is current.

   -   Robert Laley, Business Intelligence Manager, Scottish Housing Regulator

Big Data 2015

A valuable and informative event with some great talks and opportunities to meet like-minded individuals from across the public sector.

   -   Ian Simpson, Principal Researcher in Statistical Genomics and Bioinformatics, Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland

Well organised event with some excellent speakers who provide some real insight into how we might make better use of data to tackle many of the challenges we face in the public sector today.

   -   Phillip Couser, Director Public Health and Intelligence, NHS National Services Scotland

Creative, impactful, transformational use of open data will absolutely require organisations to get together; Holyrood provide well organised, well executed, and well-catered events, which actually make that possible.

   -   David Crome, Professor of Computer Science, CS Director of Impact, Heriot-Watt University